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Come join a vibrant community of intuitive souls on a transformational journey to become grounded visionary change makers.

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Guided by Sheila Bélanger, MA & ACC

Gather in a supportive community of like-hearted intuitive visionaries committed to shift personal "toxic smallness" mindsets and patterns to become a grounded and empowered human in service to our world in these tumultuous times. 


VIBES membership gives you so many benefits!

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To join, you pay an initial setup fee then a monthly membership fee, which you can cancel at any time.

Next VIBES Open Enrollment is in January 2023

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VIBES: Visionary Intuitive Brave Embodied Stewards


If you’re an intuitive visionary who is sufficiently self-directed and psychologically resourced and ready to tap into the power of your sensitive nature, then the VIBES Community is designed for you.


•.There's another way than fighting--yourself, others and within society. It's time to come into your heart and root into your soul knowing.

• The thing is that you're caught in a limiting mindset that defines your intuitive sensitivity as a problem, not a resource.

•. You can learn to carry your sensitivity with strength by tapping into the wisdom of your inner wisdom and intuitive resources.

•. You'll learn potent inner practices to access your other ways of knowing beneath your consensus reality mind.

•. You'll join with supportive kindred souls committed to do their inner transformation in community.

•. You'll get the support of Sheila Bélanger, a compassionate catalyzing transformation guide, to help you effectively navigate your edges of change.


The VIBES Community Membership includes:

Transformation Journey Roadmap Course

Seven modules of highly effective mindset-shifting practices to:

  • Learn to identify and shift limiting mindsets
  • Cultivate your innate resources
  • Tap into the power of your inner wisdom

Community Calls, Hot Seat Awareness Calls and Inner Astrology Workshops

One of these weekly options:

  • Live Community Calls or Q&A's
  • Inner Astrology Workshops
  • Group Ceremonial Calls

Private Community Forum & Practice Pods

  • Ongoing conversation and support in the community forum (like a Facebook group)
  • Optional small group practice pods with whom you can develop your visionary skills


Visionary Apprenticeship Resources

A library of audios and PDF's:

  • Additional guided journeys from the six Roadmap stages
  • PDF's of journal prompts and reflection questions
  • Guided journeys to explore key inner astrology archetypes

Transformation Journey Roadmap


A six-stage signature process to go from an overwhelmed empathetic sponge to an empowered visionary change agent!


The Transformation Journey Roadmap course guides you to:


• Identify and shift limiting patterns and toxic smallness and colonial mindsets

• Use inner practices and change maps to navigate your edges of change

• Cultivate more deeply your innate resources and capacities

• Tap into the power of inner wisdom beyond your strategic everyday mind

Sheila Bélanger • ACC
Intuitive Transformation Coach & Guide


I am a dynamic and catalyzing coach and guide for your inner transformation journey in community. For over 40 years, I have effectively translated mindset-shifting practices into life-changing ways for thousands of grateful students and clients. I guide the VIBES community members to effectively reinvent themselves at their Edges of change and live more fully into their greater potential.

My varied background with mindset-shifting practices includes a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and extensive training with:

  • Archetypal Astrology and Cycles of Change
  • Process Work
  • Deep Imagery
  • Meditation
  • Soulcraft™ Initiation Guiding
  • Earth-Based Healing Techniques