Shift old habits of being an overwhelmed self-sabotaging empathetic sponge so you can follow your longing to be a grounded visionary change maker

in a 7-session online course

Stop wasting time fighting your wounded inner figures, being caught in the cage of "toxic smallness" or sabotaging yourself with habitual limiting mindsets 

If you’re an intuitive visionary who is sufficiently self-directed and psychologically resourced and ready to claim the power of your sensitive nature, then this course is designed for you.

* The thing is that you're caught in a limiting mindset that defines your intuitive sensitivity as a problem, not a resource.

* You can learn to carry your sensitivity with strength by tapping into the wisdom of your Inner Visionary.

* You need potent inner practices to access a larger view and go beyond your domesticated mind!

The Transformation Journey Roadmap course will give you experiential practices to break free from limiting mindsets to follow your longing to live an authentic visionary life.

By the end of this 7-session online course,

you will have…


  • Learned how to recognize the roots of your limiting patterns 

    When you can track these patterns, you can shift them!  
  • Explored effective inner practices to navigate your edges of change

    You are empowered when you accept that you are at the Edgethe boundary between your outworn life and identities and the not-yet-known ones.
  • Cultivated your innate wisdom, resources and capacities

    When you create sustainable relationships with inner allies and tap into the power of your wisdom ways of knowing, you are deeply resourced.
  • Embraced self-responsibility and the willingness to steward your empathetic and sensitive nature 

    When you respect your sensitivity to your inner figures and to your empathetic and intuitive connection with the world, you have grounded, healthy boundaries.
  • Established ongoing practices to stay aligned with your Inner Visionary

    Learn to offer your mature presence to the world in unique and grounded ways 

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Sheila Bélanger
Strategic Transformation Coach & Guide


I am a dynamic and catalyzing coach and guide for your inner transformation journey. For over 38 years, I have effectively translated mindset-shifting practices into life-changing ways for thousands of grateful students and clients. I guide you to reinvent yourself at your Edges of change and live more fully into your greater potential.

My varied background with mindset-shifting practices includes a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and extensive training with:

  • Archetypal Astrology and Cycles of Change
  • Process Work
  • Deep Imagery
  • Meditation
  • Soulcraft™ Initiation Guiding
  • Earth-Based Healing Techniques

Sheila is an exceptional mentor, coach, guide and teacher. She is powerfully gifted and offers a solid compassionate presence along with a great sense of humor at her foundational core. She guides, teaches and leads with a balanced blend of inclusiveness, humility and directness.

- JoAnn Fjellman, Consultant & Coach


Sheila delightfully blends deep wisdom and a spritely heart. Her wholeness will make your own want to come out and play. She invites you to contact what you've been longing for, to see what's in the way of this, and to understand how you might tend to it.

- Sarah Dimock, Therapist


What’s Inside the Transformation Journey Roadmap Course


Module 1

Track Your Inner Figures

Learn how key inner figures contribute to your habitual limitations and how to stop being held hostage by them.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn to identify and track key wounded inner figures with a journaling practice
  • Use a Deep Imagery practice to access your four core wisdom ways of knowing 
  • Learn how to track a wounded inner figure with your wisdom ways of knowing
Module 2

Make Attitude Adjustments

Make key mindset shifts to develop a visionary mindset using practices from Mindfulness Meditation and Process Work.

Module Highlights:

  • Explore the power of Mindfulness Meditation to shift a limiting mindset 
  • Use a Process Work practice to explore your mindset about a body symptom 
  • Use a Process Work practice to shift your mindset about a challenging situation
Module 3

Gather Your Inner Allies

Cultivate self-healing with your inner resources and Wholeness Allies.

Module Highlights:

  • Recognize and connect to yourself as a primary ally
  • Explore the Wild Mind Map™ and your inner resources of wholeness 
  • Connect with your inner Generative and Nurturing Adult ally
  • Connect with your inner naturally Wild and Embodied ally


Module 4

Use Maps to Navigate Edges

See and track the bigger picture of your life journey using human developmental and life initiation maps.

Module Highlights:

  • Explore the Four Directions Map through a journaling practice
  • Explore the Transitions Map through a journaling practice
  • Use a Deep Imagery practice to connect with your Future Self 
Module 5A

Steward Your Sensitivity: Consensus Reality Stewardship

Embrace self-responsibility and respect your sensitivity by cultivating your Wholeness Allies and doing self-healing practices with wounded inner figures.

Module Highlights:

  • Use the Wild Mind Map™ to support your primary wounded inner figures
  • Use a Deep Imagery practice to compassionately care for your Inner Critic
  • Use a Deep Imagery practice to compassionately care for your Inner Child
  • Use a Process Work practice to compassionately care for your Inner Escapist
  • Use a Process Work practice to compassionately care for your Inner Denier
Module 5B

Steward Your Sensitivity: Dreamland Stewardship

Embrace self-responsibility and respect your sensitivity by learning how to safely explore realities beyond consensus reality ("the multi-worlds").

Module Highlights:

  • Use a Deep Imagery practice to connect with your Inner Visionary
  • Do an embodied journey to connect to an inner ally for grounding
  • Do a Process Work practice to support healthy boundary work
  • Do a Deep imagery journey to connect with an inner ally to explore the multi-worlds
Module 6

Apprentice to Your Inner Visionary

Commit to learn to live as your unique visionary presence in mature and grounded ways. Explore how your sensitive visionary nature can be an offering in these collectives times of potent transformation.

Module Highlights:

  • Explore an Inner Visionary Apprenticeship that resonates for you
  • Review the Tracking and Mindset Shift Practices
  • Review the Gather Inner Allies Practices and Navigational Maps
  • Review the Consensus Reality and Dreamland Stewardship Practices
  • Celebrate and honor your connection to your Inner Visionary

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Stay Motivated and Supported in Your Transformation Journey 


Bonus 1

10 Sessions of Recorded Q&A/"Awareness Hot Seat" Calls with Sheila

Get support from Sheila and the online course community

(A $400 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Ten recorded Q&A sessions that address student questions for each module and help you stay motivated
  • Includes several recorded "Awareness Hot Seat" Calls where Sheila works one-on-one with a course student
Bonus 2

Chiron: The Wisdom of Your Wound as a Doorway Course

An insightful and experiential exploration of the Wounded Healer archetype Chiron as it expresses in your personal astrology and life cycles.

(A $49 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • A short 6-module course with Sheila Bélanger
  • Explore how the astrological position of Chiron at your birth is a doorway to healing
  • Includes experiential practices and insights for your healing journey
Bonus 3

20 Additional Recorded Guided Journeys

Go deeper with additional experiential practices for each module

(A $300 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Twenty extra recorded guided journeys from Sheila that deepen your ability to explore the Roadmap stages


With the Transformation Journey Roadmap online course,

you’ll get:


  • Seven modules filled with inspiring mindset-shifting practices

    In only 2 hours a week, activate your ability to be an empowered Visionary Change Maker

  • The ability to recognize the roots of your limiting patterns

    Carry the ability to shift a "toxic smallness" mindset into a visionary one
  • Highly effective practices to navigate your Edges of change

    Lean into these challenging and dismantling times with inner clarity and resources
  • Ways to cultivate your innate wisdom, resources and capacities

    Be your own best ally and guide to live an authentic visionary life.

Here’s what you get when you enroll in the course:

Transformation Journey Roadmap - $497 Value

  • Ten recorded sessions of supportive Q&A Calls with Sheila-- $400 Value
  • Chiron: The Wisdom of the Wound as a Doorway to Healing Course--$49 Value
  • Twenty additional recorded guided journeys to deepen your Roadmap practices --$300 value

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $1,246

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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Risk-Free 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

The six-stage Transformation Journey Roadmap has empowered hundreds of clients and students to break free from limiting mindsets to follow their longing to live an authentic visionary life.

You'll have two weeks risk-free to work through the first two modules of the course (including their inspiring videos and effective mindset-shifting practices) to begin to free yourself from old patterns of "toxic smallness."

If, after sincerely engaging with the material and practices in the first two modules, you're not getting the results you're seeking, you can apply for a full refund. To do so, you'll need to submit the work you've already done in the first two modules to demonstrate you've given it a good try.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Enroll in the Transformation Journey Roadmap Today

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A One-Time Payment of



Still thinking about it?

The Transformation Journey Roadmap course is a MATCH for you if… 


  • You're ready to stop wasting your precious life energy fighting your wounded inner figures.
  • You struggle with patterns of "toxic smallness" and you're ready to live in your authentic wholeness.
  • You want to move from patterns of self-sabotage to ones of self-empowerment.
  • You want to stop denying your empathetic, sensitive nature and learn to carry it as a healthy gift.
  • You're willing to invest 2 hours per week for the next 7 weeks to apprentice to the wisdom of your visionary nature.
  • You're excited to go on this adventure to explore being a Visionary Change Maker. 

I can’t wait for you to join me in the

Transformation Journey Roadmap course...


I created the six-stage Transformation Journey Roadmap from my own struggles with my wounded inner figures and my frustration at being caught in the "toxic smallness" of being an empathetic "People Pleaser." The wisdom and mindset-shifting practices of the Roadmap have supported me to become an audacious and empowered visionary guide and coach for my people. The Roadmap is my legacy gift to my precious world and all her beloveds.

Remember this offer comes with a 14-day risk-free guarantee.

Come join me in this amazing adventure to apprentice to live an authentic visionary life!

Sheila Bélanger

Enroll in the Transformation Journey Roadmap Today

2 Monthly Payments of




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