Inner Wisdom Quiz

#191-"We Were Trying to Live a Personal Life"-Week of January 16, 2023

Mercury (Communicator) turns direct in Capricorn after three weeks of being retrograde. After the retrograde review process, move forward with purposeful ideas and communication projects. The Sun (Conscious Self) conjunct Pluto (Transformer) in Capricorn offering you a deeper reality check on what is truly your responsibility to carry. The New Moon in Aquarius calls you to seed new ways to be more radically authentic and aligned with necessary community and society changes. Uranus (Maverick) turns direct in Taurus (after almost five months of being retrograde). Watch for where the winds of change are blowing strong and sudden in their invitation to get free from paradigms of selfish hoarding and embrace more egalitarian ones. Venus (Relational One) conjoins Saturn (Builder) in Aquarius challenging you to "walk your talk" in more direct ways. Show up in your relationships with your values and willingness to support mutual freedom for all. Podcast Poem: "In Those Years" by Adrienne Rich