Inner Wisdom Quiz

#187-To Bring the Light Back"--Week of Dec 19, 2022

A week of new cycles supporting you to begin again. Jupiter (Teacher-Wise One) re-enters Aries to begin a new 12-year cycle of expansion and growth. The Sun (Heroine-Hero-Conscious Self) enters Capricorn to mark the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun in Capricorn squares Jupiter in Aries challenging you to balance the urge to get on with it (Aries) with the need to be purposeful and responsible (Capricorn). Venus (Relational One) in Capricorn trines Uranus (Maverick) in Taurus supporting you to lean into deep acceptance of everyone's quirkiness (especially your own). The New Moon in Capricorn supports you to seed new functional forms and life structures. Chiron turns direct in Aries honoring your self-acceptance healing journey in the last five months.

Podcast poem: "Solstice" by Judith Adams