Inner Wisdom Quiz

#185-Half My Life Belongs to the Wild Darkness--Week of Dec. 5, 2022

The Full Moon in Gemini is conjunct Mars retrograde (Advocate-Warrioress) in Gemini and square Neptune (Dreamer-Mystic) in Pisces. Notice where you are emotionally reactive and ask yourself if you are unconsciously carrying someone else's anger or sorrow? If so, courageously release what's not yours. With Mars still retrograde, keep tracking what battles that you are fighting that are not yours to fight and lay down your weapons. Align with Neptune's call for you to reclaim your mystical side beneath your ordinary consensus reality identity. Both Mercury (Storyteller) and Venus (Relational One) at the end of Sagittarius square Jupiter (Teacher-Seeker) at the end of Pisces. Acknowledge and release your old narratives of certainty about your relationships (inner and outer). Podcast Poem: "The Coals Go Out" by Galway Kinnell