Inner Wisdom Quiz

#184-Praise for Our Crazy Fallen World"-Week of November 28, 2022

Remember that Mars (Advocate-Warrior) is retrograde in Gemini until mid-January of next year challenging you to stop the activities that drain your vitality and to stop fighting battles that are not yours to fight. This week, Mercury (Storyteller) and Venus (Relational One) in Sagittarius oppose Mars inviting you to get the bigger picture of why you're making important changes in how you manage your life energy--possibly to align more deeply with your core values and your sense of purpose in life. Neptune (Dreamer-Visionary) turns forward in Pisces (after being retrograde for 5 months). Notice where your muse is calling you to more visionary creative expressions and, with great self-compassion, you're ready to break old spells of self-duplicity and patterns of unhealthy checking out. Mercury and Venus both square Neptune as it moves forward calling you to open your intuitive mind and release old relationship patterns of self-sacrifice and enmeshment. Podcast Poem: Praise Song by Barbara Crooker Poet's website: