Inner Wisdom Quiz

#178-"Love is No Less Practical Than a Coffee Grinder"--Week of October 17, 2022

A supportive harmonious week getting you ready for the upcoming eclipse season and Mars retrograde. The Sun (Conscious Self) and Venus (Relational One) conjoin in Libra to support you to anchor in your core values of reciprocity and fairness in all relationships. Both the Sun and Venus trine Mars (Courageous Warrior/ess) in Gemini inviting you to honor and invest in new ideas and options for positive change in relationships. Open your mind to go beyond habitual wounded mind patterns of anger and frustration to focus on what you really love and care about. Both the Sun and Venus square Pluto in Capricorn challenging you to stop being an over-controlling relationship cop or taking on too much for others. At the end of the week, Saturn (Responsible Structure-Maker) turns direct in Aquarius after 4 months of retrograde motion. Big call to "adulting" time with implementing new life structures and forms that are more liberating and authentic for all concerned. Podcast poem: "The Word" by Tony Hoagland