Inner Wisdom Quiz

#177-"It is I Who Must Begin"--Week of October 10, 2022

The potent healing energies of the recent Full Moon in Aries continue to invite you to more deeply claim your authenticity, especially in relationships. Mercury (The Communicator) re-enters Libra to help you integrate the insights you gained about reciprocity from its recent retrograde cycle. Mars (Advocate-Courageous One) in Gemini squares Neptune (Dreamer-Mystic) in Pisces challenging you to release false identities crafted as survival strategies and have the courage to be who you really are. Mercury in Libra opposes Jupiter (Mentor-Expanded One) in Aries for the third time since early September. Look for insights and more awareness about the bigger picture in your life. Both the Sun (Conscious Self) and Venus (Relational One) in Libra trine Saturn (Responsible One) in Aquarius signaling it's time to make more serious commitments in your life. Podcast Poem: "It is I Who Must Begin" by Vaclav Havel