Inner Wisdom Quiz

#174-"Unfurl Yourself into the Grace of Beginning"--Week of September 19, 2022

Venus (Relational One) connects with all three transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) this week to invite deeper soul currents into your experiences of relationships and values. Autumn Equinox arrives as the Sun (Hero-Heroine-Conscious Self) enters Libra calling you into greater balance of light and darkness. The Sun conjuncts Mercury (Communicator-Storyteller) in Libra to begin a new 4-month Mercury cycle to develop creative communication and expression projects. The New Moon in Libra opposes Jupiter (Teacher-Wise One) in Aries challenging you to weave together partnership and individualism in balanced ways. Podcast Poem: "For New Beginning" by John O’Donohue Poet's Website: