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Align with the Archetypes Astrology Workshops

with Sheila Bélanger, Archetypal Astrologer & Intuitive Transformation Coach 


Get support for how to align with the astrology archetypes in their current astrology cycles for self-transformation. 

• Clear insights about the key transformation opportunities with a current astrology archetypes via their astrology cycles.

• Short preparation exercises to help you with guidance on how the cycle relates to your astrology chart.

• Guided inner journeys to activate the transformative power of the inner astrology archetypes and their cycles in your life.


Follow these steps to participate in the Mars Retrograde workshop (approximately 90 minutes):
  1. Do the Workshop Preparation Exercise (click the button below).
  2. Watch the recorded workshop video on the right. 
  3. Download "Tips for Navigating the Mars Retrograde" PDF. 
  4. Listen to the three guided journeys when prompted to do so in the video (click the buttons blow).


Do the Mars Rx Preparation Exercise
Download the Mars Rx Navigation Tips
Guided Journey to Connect with Your Inner Advocate
Guided Flirt Practice to Help Release What Diminishes Your Life Energy
Guided Embodied Journey to Support Your Strength

Do the Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Astrology Workshop for Free!

The Jupiter Conjunct Neptune is a key astrology cycle for 2022 to support you to expand your visions and break self-limiting patterns.

Follow these steps to do the Jupiter Conjunct Neptune workshop (~ 1 hour):

  1. Do the Workshop Preparation Exercise (click the button to the right).
  2. Watch the recorded workshop video below. 
  3. Listen to the two guided journeys when prompted to do so (click the buttons).
Do the Workshop Preparation Exercise








Listen to the Inner Wisdom Ways Guided Journey





Listen to the Guided Journey to Your Inner Visionary



Astrology Alchemy Podcast

The podcast gives you inspiring archetypal insights from current astrology cycles that support you to turn your personal “lead” into “gold.”

Listen to the Podcast