Alchemize Your Mindset:

Transmute "Toxic Smallness" and Access the Gold of Your Inner Wisdom

Take a 5-Day Challenge to Transform Your Mindset with Guided Inner Wisdom Practices 

Five Recorded Sessions of Transformational Videos and Guided Inner Wisdom Practices

Each recorded 45-minute session includes:

• A short mindset-shifting presentation

• A guided transformational practice

• Q&A's

The Alchemize Your Mindset Challenge is available in a 5-session online course format. The Challenge will give you effective experiential practices to help free yourself from limiting mindsets by accessing your innate inner wisdom. The practices come from the Transformation Journey Roadmap, a six-stage process that effectively guides you to navigate your edges of change to embrace your visionary and sensitive nature.


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Sheila Bélanger • Intuitive Transformation Coach and Archetypal Astrologer

I am a dynamic and catalyzing certified coach and guide to your transformation journey. My lightning bolt presence as a guide is rooted in countless direct personal experiences navigating my own edges of change.

A pivotal “edge” moment for me happened in my early 20's. I was a Mechanical Engineering student, wrestling with how I was going to make it after graduation in the patriarchal engineering culture of the times. I was fighting myself by trying to fit into a culturally secure identity that denied my intuitive, edgy and spiritual side. Then I met Archetypal Astrology and experienced a life-changing paradigm shift. From that meeting, I received deep transformational insights about my true nature and shifted my life path to become a transformation and initiation guide. 

I created my signature Transformation Journey Roadmap from over 40 years of effectively translating consciousness-shifting alchemical inner practices into life-changing ways for thousands of grateful clients and students. I guide you to reinvent yourself on your Edges of change and live more fully as a unique visionary change agent for these collective crossroads times. 

When not hanging out on the edges, I love wandering in inner and outer wilderness.

Here's what students are saying about Sheila's facilitation in her courses: 

"I wanted to thank you and share my deep appreciation for your generous online offerings and course. You rocked it. I was moved and inspired." 

"I especially enjoyed the guided journeys and tips to connect with all my resources. Your wisdom and compassion shines through as a transmission even though it is online and even when participating on a replay." 

"While Sheila offers poignant paradigms and practices for the journey, the more potent alchemy comes from her own inner mastery and integration which shines through her teaching and guidance."

What’s Inside the Alchemize Your Mindset Challenge

Day 1

Five Key Steps to Take When You Outgrow Your Comfort Zone

Guided Inner Wisdom Practice: a short guided reflection practice


Day 2

Track a Wounded Inner Figure to Transmute Their Limiting Mindset

Guided Inner Wisdom Practice: four guided journal prompts


Day 3

Tap into the Power of Your Inner Wisdom

Guided Inner Wisdom Practice: do a guided journey with your inner wisdom ways


Day 4

Connect to a True North Inner Ally

Guided Inner Wisdom Practice: do a guided journey to an inner wholeness ally


Day 5

Tap into Wisdom Beyond Your Ordinary Mind

Guided Inner Wisdom Practice: do a guided Process Work "Flirt" Practice


Plus These Bonuses to Access More of Your Inner Wisdom 


Bonus 1

At the Visionary Hearth-Fire Workshop

Explore Stage 4 of the Transformation Journey Roadmap and use maps to navigate your edge changes. (A $89 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  1. Insightful presentations on helpful self-development maps
  2. Three guided Edge Navigation practices 
  3. Q&A Session 
Bonus 2

Course Workbook as a Fillable PDF

Use the workbook to record insights from your guided inner wisdom practices. (A $27 Value)


Enroll in the Alchemize Your Mindset Challenge



I'm excited for you to join me in the

Alchemize Your Mindset challenge...


I created the Alchemize Your Mindset Challenge and the Transformation Journey Roadmap from my own struggles with my wounded inner figures and my frustration at being caught in the "toxic smallness" of being an empathetic "People Pleaser." In the Alchemize Your Mindset Challenge, I introduce you to some of the wisdom and mindset-shifting practices that have supported me to become an audacious and empowered visionary guide and coach for my people. 

Come join me in this challenge to transform your mindset!

Sheila Bélanger