Alchemize Your Mindset: Transmute "Toxic Smallness" and Access the Gold of Your Inner Wisdom 


FREE 5-DAY CHALLENGE: August 22nd to 26th

with Intuitive Transformation Coach and Archetypal Astrologer Sheila Bélanger • ACC



Session 1: August 22nd 

Five Key Steps to Take When You Outgrow Your Comfort Zone


Short Guided Reflection Practice



Session 2: August 23rd 


Track a Wounded Inner Figure to Transmute Their Limiting Mindset


Four Guided Journal Prompts 


Session 3: August 24th

Tap Into the Power of Your Inner Wisdom


Do a Guided Journey with Your Inner Wisdom Ways


Session 4: August 25th


Connect to a True North Inner Ally


Do a Guided Journey to an Inner Wholeness Ally


Session 5: August 26th


Tap into Wisdom Beyond Your Ordinary Mind


Do a Guided Process Work "Flirt" Practice



Challenge Yourself to Discover the Power of Your Inner Wisdom

5 Days of Potent Sessions with Guided Inner Wisdom Practices 


Aug 22nd to 26th from 8 to 8:45 am Pacific 

Each 45-minute session includes:
  • A short mindset-shifting presentation
  • A guided transformational practice
  • Q&A's
Recordings of all the sessions available in a special Pop-Up Community Group



Meet Sheila Bélanger

Intuitive Transformation Coach & Archetypal Astrologer  • ACC


I help visionary change makers to shift limiting mindsets and effectively navigate their transformative edges of change.


Sheila is deeply committed to supporting all "change agents" and "leaders" working at the front-lines of systemic organizational change, ecological sanity and cultural evolution to get undomesticated from harmful personal and collective colonial mindsets.

She has a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and extensive training with:

* Process-Oriented Coaching
* Soulcraft™ Soul Initiation Guiding
* Meditation
* Guided and Deep Imagery

As a certified ICF coach and trained soul initiation guide, Sheila has supported thousands of clients and students with potent inner work and mindset-shifting practices. She is an inspired workshop and webinar facilitator as well as a dynamic speaker and presenter.

The FREE Alchemize Your Mindset 5-day Challenge utilizes key inner work practices from Sheila's signature Transformation Journey Roadmap course that empowers you to navigate your edges of change by cultivating your innate intuitive wisdom.

 Transformation Journey Roadmap 

Click on the button on the right to view a 19-minute video on the Transformation Journey Roadmap.

Video Introduction to the Transformation Journey Roadmap

Join the VIBES Community!

Connect with a kindred group of intuitive change makers to help you navigate these extraordinary times, expand your visionary mindset and make unique contributions. 


The VIBES Community is a private membership of inspired and vibrant empathetic visionaries.

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Bonus Free Workshop to Test Drive the VIBES Community Experience 


At the Visionary Hearth-Fire: 

Get Supported in a Community of Intuitive Change Makers

Saturday, August 27 • 9:30 to 11 am Pacific


Join Sheila and a group of kindred intuitive souls to explore inner work practices to support your transformational current edges of change. Includes group discussion and guided practices. Co-create an online community hearth-fire in which we support one another to be grounded visionary change makers. Optional dyad/triad groups to witness and share experiences.