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Alchemize Your Mindset to Liberate the Gold of Your True Visionary Nature

Catalyzing Inner Resources for Your Transformation Journey


Alchemize Your Mindset to Liberate the Gold of Your True Visionary Nature

Catalyzing Inner Resources for Your Transformation Journey

Learn how your Inner Wisdom Archetype can guide you to shift limiting mindsets to make effective transformative changes in your life.


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Hello Wanderer at the Edge!


I’m Sheila Bélanger, Intuitive Transformation Coach and Archetypal Astrologer. 


I guide visionary empathetic change agents to transmute their toxic smallness mindsets and access the "gold" of their inner wisdom.  


More About Sheila

On the edges of change, you’re longing to move beyond your comfort zone, yet you struggle with sabotaging patterns of toxic fear and smallness. You can transmute them!


Transformation Journey Roadmap


A six-stage signature process to go from an overwhelmed empathetic sponge to an empowered visionary change agent!

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The Transformation Journey Roadmap guides you to:


• Identify and shift limiting patterns and toxic smallness and colonial mindsets

• Utilize potent inner practices and change maps to navigate your edges of change

• Cultivate more deeply your innate resources and capacities

• Tap into the power of inner wisdom beyond your strategic everyday mind








Test Drive the Practices in the Transformation Journey Roadmap

Choose the pathway that best fits for you and click its image.

1) Transform Toxic Fear

Free 7-Day Email Challenge


You'll receive a daily email with an inner transformation practice that you can complete in 30 minutes or less.

2) Alchemize Your Mindset: A 5-Day Challenge to Transmute "Toxic Smallness" and Access the Gold of Your Inner Wisdom. 


A do-it-yourself mini-course to sample the first four stages of the Roadmap. Includes five recorded sessions of Transformational videos and guided mindset-shifting Inner Wisdom Practices.

3) DIY Course: Transformation Journey Roadmap


A complete experiential do-it-yourself immersion into the six stages of the Roadmap


Check out these inner transformation resources.

Bravely move beyond your comfort zone. Get support to turn the lead of your limiting mindsets to the gold of your visionary inner wisdom.

Transformation Journey Roadmap

YouTube Channel

Videos to support you to navigate your current big edges of change with inspiration, insights and potent mindset-shift practices. 


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Astrology Alchemy Podcast

The weekly podcast gives you inspiring archetypal insights from current astrology cycles that support you to turn your personal “lead” into “gold.”


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Free Guided Meditations & Journal Prompts

Including a simple 7-day challenge to expand your mindset with short daily inner wisdom practices. 


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Unbind Your Mindset Workshops

Monthly workshops designed to activate your inner wisdom to help break the "toxic smallness" spells of our acculturated Dominator Culture Mindset.  


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Alchemize your mindset on your edges of change!

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